“Super Shooters”

A while ago, Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”, uploaded a video to YouTube showing how to make a pocket slingshot. I thought this project was easy enough that I could give it a try.

So to start out, I went down to the shop, put a Powerade bottle in the vice, and got myself a hacksaw to cut off the cap.

20160823_141659.jpg 20160823_141843.jpg

After a minute or two, or five, the cap finally broke free of the bottle. With a little help from the belt sander, I was able to make the cut smooth and flat enough that I wouldn’t be worried that the balloon would tear on it. I then got a bag of balloons that I picked up from the new Dollar General in Silver Lake, and cut off the neck of the balloon. I then stretched it around just the bottle as in the video. Here is the final product.


Overall, it is a great, cheap, fun, and easy to make toy. I didn’t have any marshmallows, so I went and got some dog food and was able to do some damage to a cardboard box. If you are looking for something to do, I highly recommend this fun little project.

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